Buildings and spaces to be used for recreation should be inspiring in both their setting and spatial configuration while highly functional and pragmatic in their construction. As an escape from day-to-day routine, good recreational architecture must promote relaxation, facilitate physical exercise and where possible, foster an appreciation for the natural surroundings. These buildings are often subjected to greater than normal wear and tear. therefore minimizing maintenance, operating costs and protecting against vandalism are usually deciding factors in their design. The challenge for the architect in executing these projects requires them to have a clear understanding of programmatic elements; develop a strong

concept for arranging diverse activities; and show a healthy respect for what is usually a limited construction budget. These goals are achievable. Recreation facilities and park buildings are often the most successful expression of a community’s aspirations and self-image. Principals of our firm have participated in the design and construction of a variety of recreational and park-related projects. These include indoor sports facilities, clubhouse buildings, public washroom and support buildings for parks and resort facilities. Project experience also includes collaborations with landscape architects in the design of urban public spaces.

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