For commercial and corporate clients, ‘image’ is often a key component of their design goals as well as functional requirements and cost effectiveness. Whether an office building, a retail unit in a shopping centre, restaurant, bar or commercial interior, we attempt to clearly understand the client’s business concept, market objectives and clientele at the outset of the designing mall, a  process. We then work closely with the client to translate these into a clear architectural expression which meets their particular aspirations for success. Typically, commercial projects are driven by tight

schedules and firm budgets. At the same time, the design must be technically sound and operationally innovative. As business owners ourselves, we appreciate these realities and are committed to satisfying these fundamental business goals for our clients. We can offer direct experience in the planning and design of ‘spec’ and owner-user office buildings, corporate interiors, shopping centers, street front and mall retail stores, restaurants, bars and mixed-use facilities.

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