In recent years capital funding for educational institutions has become severely constrained. At the same time, the functional and operational standards for institutional buildings are increasingly demanding and each organization has its own culture and complex user group requirements. To resolve these demands, architects must provide a high degree of perception and innovation. In developing these projects we maintain a focus on long-term goals important to educational institution clients; the provision of a functional, well-ordered facility; the use of durable,

low-maintenance building materials; the potential for ‘phased’ construction to meet future funding availability; the creation of timeless, site specific design solutions and increasingly, sustainable design strategies. The firm has undertaken a variety of projects for local School Boards including building assessments, ‘Project Identification’ Reports, seismic retrofits and new school facilities for K-12 programs. Designs include a full range of uses from classroom to administrative spaces, sports facilities and libraries increasingly with a focus on flexible, creative learning spaces.


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