LOCATION: Vancouver, BC
YEAR: 1999 – ‘03
VALUE: $2.5 million

As part of the feasibility study for rehabilitation of UBC’s Old Auditorium as an ‘Opera
Centre’, the future of the 15,000 sq. ft. Hut M-18 came under review. Constructed in
1925 as a campus service building, this underutilized heavy timber frame/ shed roof
‘heritage’ structure provided storage and basic shop space for Music & Theatre’s stage
props. In phases over 4 years, The COLBORNE ACHITECTURAL GROUP Pacific designed
painting studios with 1,000 sq.ft. mezzanine, Fine Arts metal and woodworking shop
with faculty offices and classrooms. A new 120 seat rehearsal studio for Theatre in the
southerly 2 storey space created rehearsal space complimenting the similarly renovated
Hut M-17. Full seismic and Code upgrades were also completed.