SFU: Science Labs

LOCATION: various science teaching and research labs, Shrum Science Centre
YEAR: 1996 – 2008
VALUE: $250,000 – $850,000

The Colborne Architectural Group Pacific has carried out design and implementation of
several science lab projects for the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Kinesiology
at Simon Fraser University. Projects typically entail re-planning and re-construction of
existing lab facilities to suit new research programs or to replace worn fixtures,
equipment and implement technology upgrades. Projects include a full range of lab
design issues from the coordination of fully-serviced work benches, incorporating
specialized lab equipment, designing animal-handling areas or providing new
mechanical/ electrical systems for new lighting, IT networks or AV equipment.

An example project involves demolition of an existing 2,200 sq.ft. Chemistry lab for re-design to suit the specific needs of a new research team. Dated asbestos-lined fume
hoods and lab finishes were demolished to make way for new construction. To meet
cost-saving and ‘sustainable’ objectives, 5 existing s.s. lab sinks, a unique perforated
metal ceiling system incorporating recently-upgraded lighting and an office work area
were retained and re-worked to suit the new layout. The lab incorporates eight new
fully-serviced, low-velocity 8 ft. fume hoods with new mechanical ventilation system, lab
benches and equipment to suit research needs, including a dedicated Gas Storage Room
with distribution controls, vented storage cabinets and separate Instrument Room for
specialized equipment. New finishes were incorporated throughout.