SFU: Hazmat Facility

YEAR: 2002
VALUE: $450,000

The COLBORNE ARCHITECTURAL GROUP Pacific was commissioned in the fall of 2002 to
review site plan options for locating a 1,200 sq. ft. hazardous materials storage facility.
No processing was to occur, only bulking of science lab processed chemicals and holding
in a secure environment for regular removal by waste disposal contractors. Meeting
Provincial hazmat handling standards, CAGP designed a modest single-storey, concrete/
steel frame building set into a steep embankment, easily accessed from a central
loading dock with freight lift. The interior is simple, open plan with flexible work area,
bulk chemical storage racks and administrative support space. Fully grounded with all
‘spark-proof’ light fixtures and mechanical equipment, the building has large skylights to
eliminate the need for lighting to be activated other than for winter or night usage.