BCIT: NE 01 Exterior Upgrades

Location: Burnaby, BC
Year: 2014 – 2015
Value: $2.1 million


In 2012-‘13, BCIT Campus Planning commissioned CAGP to carry out a review of potential exterior upgrades for the Burnaby Campus’ prominent NE1 Building, a 215,000sf four-storey complex housing a variety of trade/ shop and academic programs dating back to the early 1970’s. The pre-cast concrete structure presents seismic deficiencies and it has been determined that, rather than retrofit, full replacement should occur within a decade. In the short term, however, deterioration of various exterior elements was creating a ‘deferred maintenance’ challenge for BCIT as well as negatively impacting campus image. Wood siding was replaced with new coloured metal panels; single-glazed windows were replaced with double-glazed, opening units; select seismic upgrades were carried out in conjunction with roof upgrades; new glazed steel canopies with lighting were added at entrances and exterior public space, lighting and landscaping were improved. Upgrades also support BCIT’s commitment to sustainable design.

DSC07866DSC07899New Entrance Blue (2)BCIT Landscape PlanBCIT: NE 01 Exterior Upgrades