BCIT Campus Services Centre Preliminary Design

YEAR: 2019-2020
VALUE: $18.9 million


Following an initial Planning Feasibility Study completed fall, 2018, CAGP was asked by BCIT Campus Development to further-advance the design of the proposed new Campus Services Centre (CSC) to consolidate Corporate Services, Project Services and Facilities Management into a new, centralized facility on the east side of  BCIT’s main Burnaby Campus. The preferred site identified  in the Planning Study is an existing student parking lot fronting on Carey Ave. to the east, existing building SE30 to the south and  environmentally-sensitive Guichon Creek to the west.                                      The design concept for the two-storey, ‘mass timber’ structure remains at approximately 3,500gsm (37,700gsf) with a floor of campus services administrative offices located above shop space, loading facilities and shared employee amenity areas  for Facilities Management. The design lends itself well to the mass timber concept with primary glu-lam columns, beams, DLT floor & roof structure, pre-fabricated, super-insulated perimeter walls and roof with high-performance glazing to ensure the building reaches intended targets for energy-use and elimination of GHG-producing energy sources. This is further-enhanced with integration of geo-exchange energy source for heating /cooling and rooftop photovoltaic array. Adjacent Building SE30 is also proposed for upgrades and integration with a secure, central service yard and perimeter landscape zone, including public realm improvements and careful integration with Guichon Creek’s greenway.