South Hill Swing Space

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC
YEAR: 2013-2014

VALUE: $2.4 million




This project was to create swing space for VSB elementary schools that are relocated due to seismic upgrades or replacement construction in their communities. The proposed temporary facility, with a capacity of up to 500 students, consists of a series of portables providing 21 classrooms, administrative spaces, a library and a multipurpose room. The portables are arranged in two L-shaped wings connected by a central foyer and multi-purpose zone following the topography of the site. Floor levels are set approximately 1m above adjacent grade, with stairs and ramps leading to entrances. This building arrangement allows for a shorter travel distance between the classroom and gym blocks and provides for central play space for the younger children in an easily supervised courtyard.  The corridor system connecting the portables is roofed and enclosed to provide indoor access among the classrooms. Each wing contains wider central areas with vaulted roofs and clerestorey windows to provide break-out spaces and auxiliary teaching areas for classrooms and student activities.

South Hill Elementary South Hill Aerial View  South Hill Elementary South Hill Elementary South Hill Elementary