City of Vancouver; The Gathering Place Community Centre

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC
YEAR: 2011, Phase 1
VALUE: $200,000

For City of Vancouver Facilities, The COLBORNE ARCHITECTURAL GROUP Pacific was
retained in January 2011 to carry out a two-phase project at the City’s heavily-used,
inner city community centre – The Gathering Place. With a $200K budget, Phase 1 repurposes
approximately 1,200 sq. ft of 2nd floor space originally designed as a
‘whirlpool/massage therapy’ area. Future Phase 2 involves creation of a new, more
open and accessible main floor entry with improved security features and requires replanning
of several existing 2nd Floor areas including badly needed Washroom facilities.
The feasibility study identifies future cost and construction phasing options with the
objective of optimizing a variety of badly needed community centre facilities.