Colborne Architectural Group Offices

LOCATION: Vancouver, B.C.
YEAR: 2008
VALUE: $360,000


In the summer of 2008, The COLBORNE ARCHITECTURAL GROUP Pacific designed their new offices located in the c.1905 Lumbermen’s Building in the heart of Vancouver’s ‘Crosstown’ area. Exploiting existing generous-sized windows with open views primarily to the south but also east and north, the design takes full advantage of natural light and the upper floor’s high-ceilinged open space. By featuring the central main workstation zone and anchoring it on each end with office equipment areas with partitioned product library/workshop and more private principal’s offices, an inviting studio environment is created. The design strategies highlight the firm’s continuing modernist approach to maximize human comfort, functionality and seamlessly integrate practical ‘sustainable design’ principles.

Colborne Architectural Group Offices
Colborne Architectural Group OfficesColborne Architectural Group Offices